Membership Meeting Recordings

Here you can download recordings of past membership meetings in which we discussed particularly compelling topics related to blindness.
  • In our September 30, 2012 call, held just prior to our State Convention, we bring you the the 411 on State Convention.
  • In our April 25, 2010 presentation on NFB Training Centers we bring you a discussion on the immportants of attending an NFB training center, plus a few tips on working with rehab to secure funding.
  • In our December 19th, 2010 discussion entitled Everything you ever wanted to know about CABS and the NFB but were afraid to ask, we engage in a motivational and thought-provoking discussion about NFB philosophy.
  • In our February 23 meeting, the Blind in Science, we hear from three successful blind people who are studdying science or had successful careers in a science-related field.
  • In our June 5th call, All About Bookshare, representatives from Bookshare talk in great detail about this very helpful resource.
  • In our August 7th call, Scholarships and college readiness, we discussed the NFBC scholarship program, as well as offering tips for students preparing for the upcoming semester.
  • In our August 21 call, All about Youth Slam instructors, mentores and students gave a wonderful and enspiring run-down of this awesome event.
  • In our January 22, 2012 call entitled Working with Rehab to Maximise your IPE, We were given helpful information on establishing a good relationship with Rehab. Also, Pam Allen of the Louisiana Center for the Blind offered tips on securing funding to attend an NFB training center.
  • On March 12, 2013, with the California Chemistry Camp fast approaching, we held an informative call for applicants, parents and teachers entitled All about Chemistry Camp.

Annual Meetings

Each year at the NFBC State Convention, CABS holds an annual seminar and business meeting. What follows is an archive of the most recent ones.

  • In our 2009 Annual Meeting we cover a wide variety of topics, including the hiring of readers and the importance of being involved in a student organization.
  • In our 2010 Annual Meeting, we discuss changing expectations for blind college students, self advocacy, and some exciting programs which are opening the world of science up to blind students.

Call to Action Seminar

On September 18th, 2010, we held our highly successful Call to Action Seminar in Riverside, CA. In the Morning Session we were given important information about the department of rehabilitation, and campus resources at the community college and university. In the Afternoon session we discussed a wide variety of topics, from the latest in technology to self-advocacy. The session ended with a rousing speech by Ever Lee Hairston about Youth Slam. In the very near future, we will dedicate an entire page to the seminar recordings, offering you the opportunity to listen to each speech indevidually, or hear the entire sessions.

Stay tuned, as we are continuing to add to this page.

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