CDROM Project

Date: Wed Feb 16 1994 - 00:00:00 PST

Several people have written or phoned to remind me of the work of
others aimed at accessing CDROMS. Thanks to each of you for your

I have used the batch files prepared by Raised Dot Computing for
use with "The Library of the Future" with complete satisfaction.

Steve Jacobson, working on a project for NFB, prepared an excellent
paper on using Micro Soft's "Bookshelf." This paper was published,
and I believe, it is still available from Kentucky NAPUB through
its Braille Service Center in Louisville.

Sharon Duffy of Blind, Inc. has provided me with a copy of her
report on using ASAP with three CDROM titles. I especially like
Sharon's work which combines clear instructions as well as speech
configuration files that optimize interactive speech access. In
the case of ASAP, these configuration files are called "set" files.
For JAWS, they are collections of "environment" files.

Any publications resulting from our current project will properly
acknowledge the significant works of others.

Duffy's work comes close to illustrating our present project goal.
Mr. Jaquiss will prepare "reference cards" for using JAWS and ASAP
with CDROM titles selected from recommendations from this
discussion group. In addition to the reference cards,
configuration files that optimize speech access will be included.

Steve Jacobson has volunteered to prepare reference cards for use
with Vocal Eyes. Steve, your offer is accepted with thanks. If
there are others interested in doing the same for their favorite
speech access program, let me know.

In a recent phone conversation, Mr. Jaquiss observed that he
prefers refreshable braille displays for finding his way around in
an unfamiliar environment--as with a new CDROM. And so would I, if
only I could afford one! Furthermore, if we could get a multi-line
Braille display (for the price of a speech-based access utility,)
then I would be in favor of letting some other research group take
over our current project. But, I digress.

Here is where we are at this time:
Mr. Jaquiss has JAWS. I will send ASAP to him in the next week.
I will send him a copy of Duffy's report, later today. CDROM
titles will be ordered as soon as we identify six titles. You
should review the list furnished by Mr. Jaquiss and forwarded by me
to those who requested it, and then you should quickly send me your

With barely more than 4 months before our convention, we will have
to move with all due speed to get a report ready for distribution.

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