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From: Tim V. Cranmer (tvcran01@starbase.spd.louisville.edu)
Date: Sat Feb 19 1994 - 04:21:07 PST


To: Members And Friends
          NFB R&D Committee

From: T. V. Cranmer, Chairman

DATE: February 19, 1994

Subject: Calculator Project

Dr. Nemeth is in charge of the calculator project, which translates
into: "Abe, keep copies of this and all other messages on this
subject which appear on this forum. Take to heart the ones you
like and feel you can implement."

This project will not end soon. There will always be opportunities
to add functions and features. Once Abe has submitted the basic
code for beta test, others in this group will want to contribute
routines to solve problems in their areas of interest. And after
beta tests are over, the calculator will be offered to the World in
a manner to be determined by NFB headquarters.

Gary Wunder has expressed a willingness to help on the calculator
project, including "some programming". From the above, please note
(Gary,) you can and should make suggestions at any time and write
add-ons when it comes time to beta test.

David Andrews recently commented on the growing need for a
calculator that can plot tactual graphs. Very true, David; I too
have been getting calls from students in need of graphing tools.
Who can among us can undertake an exploration to locate the right
programmer to develop the algorithm for embossing graphs using a
moderately priced embosser--like the Braille Blazer, etc.? Any one
undertaking this work must bring to the task a host of skills. Do
you have a candidate?

I should mention that the R&D Committee could make a reasonable
grant of perhaps a few thousand dollars to an individual approved
to do this job.

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