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Well, let me add my kudos to Darrell's for Lynx. Lynx is wonderful. lynx is
awesome! Lynx is way cool!! :) I discovered it recently (like two weeks ago)
when it came online on my other account (the one at Real/Time Communications),
and was scared of the 'web because I looked at it with a scary browser once
and din't like it. But I had a great time with Lynx! It took some getting used
to its workings, but after that, well, I spent all sorts of time with it.
Liked it so well that I got the binary and have it on my account at UT since
it's not available there. Be warned though: You can easily get lost in the web.
Yeah, you can always go back, but it gets rather confusing if you aren't careful.
But lynx is a piece o' cake for blind guys to use. I didn't have to do much
at all in the way of configuring Flipper to work with it. BTW I like it a lot
better than I like gopher...or maybe not. But anyway, try it. :)

Y'all have a good [insert time of day when you are reading this here]...

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