Vocal-Eyes Review

From: HHEAGY (HHEAGY@nvn.com)
Date: Sun Jun 05 1994 - 11:05:28 PDT

On 06/04/94 nfb-rd@moria.nfbcal.org said to HHEAGY
 nf-Hello everyone,
 nf-I need a volunteer to tackle the review of Vocal-Eyes
 nf-for our screen review project.
The person would have as long as August first,
 nf-although sooner would be better. David Andrews
I'm not officially volunteering but I would like more information
since I would have to learn vocalize but what exactly do you need
to know? And is this a new windows version or what? You can
reply to me just by using hheagy@nvn.com if you do not want to
put it out on the network.
Harvey Heagy
In New Orleans
`[1;32;44mRainbow V 2.05 Registered

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