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Greetings to everyone:

I was not aware that the ISO was attempting, through working
committees, to set some standards on blindness-related stuff. Read
the following post--for whatever it's worth.


Date: Thu, 9 Jun 1994 17:39:30 +0100
From: Tom Wesley <T.A.B.Wesley@BRADFORD.AC.UK>
Subject: Re: Tactile Guide Paths

Fred Leung has asked:

> We need info on the International Standards Organization Working
> Group on access of the visually disabled.

ISO Technical Committee TC 173 is Technical systems and aids for disabled or
handicapped persons.

Subcommitte 4, SC 4 is Aids and Adaptations for Communications

Within the Working Groups of SC4 are, among others:

WG2 Braille, Tactile Reading and Writing
WG6 Acoustic and tactile signals that indicate the status of traffic lights
WG7 Provisions and means for orientation of visually impaired pedestrians

The best person to contact for further information about the work of SC4 which
probably of most interest to this list is the Chairman:

Dr Wolfgang Zagler
Technical University of Vienna
Gusshausstrasse 27/359/1B
A-1040 Vienna, Austria
Email: zw@fortec.tuwien.AC.AT

By a coincidence (or is this the start of Fred's posting?) SC4 is meeting next
in Vienna (14 and 15 June). There will also be a meeting of WG2 at the same
on 13 and 14 June to discuss the ISO Committee Draft ISO/CD 11548 8-dot Braille
graphic characters.

Tom Wesley

Dr Tom Wesley
Department of Computing
University of Bradford
United Kingdom

Phone: +44 274 383902
Fax: +44 274 383920



Curtis Chong

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