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                       IN COMPUTER SCIENCE
Curtis Chong, President 3530 Dupont Avenue North
Telephone: (612) 521-3202 Minneapolis, Minnesota 55412

July 5, 1994


Contact: Curtis Chong, President
          National Federation of the Blind in Computer Science
          (612) 521-3202


     The National Federation of the Blind in Computer Science
(NFBCS) today announced the presentation of an Award for
Distinguished Service to Dr. James Thatcher of IBM. The award was
presented during the organization's annual meeting on Sunday, July
3, held in conjunction with the National Federation of the Blind

     Curtis Chong, NFBCS president, said that Dr. Thatcher's work
on the Screen Reader project has "enabled blind people to have
independent access to OS/2 Presentation Manager," one of a growing
number of platforms that present information using the graphical
user interface (GUI).

     Chong said that in his view, "Dr. Thatcher has done more than
anyone else to keep the Screen Reader project alive."

     Chong added, "without Dr. Thatcher's drive and personal
commitment, we would not have Screen Reader today, and our ability
to access OS/2 independently would be nonexistent."

     OS/2 is an operating system developed by IBM. Unlike the Disk
Operating System (DOS), which displays information using text, OS/2
Presentation Manager (PM) displays information on the screen using
graphics. OS/2 allows the computer user to run applications
designed to run under DOS. Microsoft Windows, or native OS/2.
Blind computer users can use Screen Reader/2 to access all of these
applications. Although there are other screen access programs that
blind people can use to run DOS and Windows applications, there is
no screen access program other than Screen Reader/2 that allows
access to all three platforms: DOS, Windows, and OS/2.

     The National Federation of the Blind in Computer Science is a
division of the National Federation of the Blind, an organization
of blind persons numbering over fifty-thousand. The Federation is
holding its national convention this week at the Westin Hotel in
the Detroit Renaissance Center. The convention represents the
largest gathering of blind people ever to be held this year
anywhere in the world. Under the motto "We are changing what it
means to be blind," the Federation works energetically to improve
society's image of the blind and the ability of blind people to
live and work on terms of absolute equality with the sighted.



Curtis Chong
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