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Date: Tue Aug 23 1994 - 16:04:06 PDT

Arnold Schneider
Viktoriastr. 13
CH 8057 Zuerich

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Reply to Norbert Mueller's request

Hi Norbert

I am working in C for many years. Initially IL found a recording on
cassette of Kerninghan & Ritchie's book "programming in C".
This book is available at the "Deutscher Verein fuer Blinde in
Studium und Beruf" in Marburg Germany. The same book is available in
braille at the braille printing house of Paderborn in Germany.

Later I discovered the electronic books of Recording for the Blind
in Princeton. They have the full manual set of Borland C.
They are really cheep ($30-40). These books are a good source
for learning C and a good reference to the Borland C development

If you have more questions, you can contact me at the above mentioned
E-mail adresses.

Best regards

Arnold Schneider

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