Information Kiosks

Date: Tue Aug 30 1994 - 17:01:51 PDT

On 30-AUG-1994 10:03:33.2 Curtis Chong said to all
 nf- Here's a scary thought. Anyone who has flown on a regular basis is
 nf- quite familiar with the ticket agent in the airport's main
 nf- terminal. This human individual is a wonder to behold. He (or
 nf- she) enables us to buy tickets, check luggage, learn what gate a
 nf- flight may be arriving at or departing from, and book additional
 nf- travel. Suppose information kiosks become so smart (intuitive, I
 nf- should say) that the friendly (most of the time) ticket agent is
 nf- eliminated? Now, I know this is far fetched in terms of today's
 nf- technology, but what about ten years in the future?
That's not as far fetched as it sounds; we already have a form of
it here. Southwest Airlines has already placed machines in
airports which they call Quicket machines. You insert your
credit card, enter the information called for and your ticket is
printed out. I realize that is not the form you are refering to
but my point is that the groundwork is already being laid for
such a thing.

 Harvey Heagy
 in New Orleans

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