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Date: Thu Oct 06 1994 - 06:50:31 PDT

The following message from Yuri Rubinsky came to me from Mike Paciello
via circuitous routes, some of which are ommitted. The subject of the
forwarded information is of great importance to us. I encourage members
and friends on this group to make appropriate comments to appropriate

Here then, is the forwarded messages:

From: paciello@USABLE.ENET.DEC.COM
Subject: Accessible Internet? Not if the US Government/Adobe
has their Way
To: Multiple recipients of list AXSLIB-L

Hi Folks!

Please distribute the attached mail on a many listservs as
possible. This is a
MAJOR concern if ADOBE has their way. Once again, may folks will be
without true access to information, particularly on the NII.

ICADD is working hard to block this, as well as the SGML
Consortium. We hope
to get your support.

Please note that I will be at the Mosaic '94 conference next week
and at the
Internet '94 Conference in December, to ensure that we have an
equal voice in
accessibilty on the NII.

Thanks for your support,


Mike Paciello
Program Manager
Vision Impaired Information Services
Digital Equipment Corporation

From: SHANE::US2RMC::"" "MAIL-11 Daemon" 5-OCT-1994
Subj: PDF as a US National Standard

I understand that the US National Institute of Standards and
supported by dollars from the Dept of Defense and Adobe has done a
suggesting that Adobe's proprietary PDF format be made a US Federal
Information Processing Standard for electronic viewing.

My feeling is that this would throw back the cause of accessible
immeasurably. The idea that the page image -- one-time,
non-adaptable, etc -- should be considered a valuable archival or
form is frightening.

I have heard all this just today, and very third hand, but I
that Oct 17th is the last day for opposing viewpoints to be heard.
encourage those of you who are American, and taxpayers, to make
feelings known. The SGML Open Consortium will certainly do what it
in this area.

If you have feelings in this area, or want to know what's going on,
Mike Rubenfeld at NIST, 301 975-3064.

Please keep the rest of this list informed too.

Yuri Rubinsky

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