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Date: Fri Nov 11 1994 - 18:41:57 PST

On 11-NOV-1994 09:46:27.7 nfb-rd said to HHEAGY
 nf-Robert, I strongly agree. We should not believe our message
 nf-has less appeal simply because of the perception that democrats are
 nf-compassionate and republicans are not. The truth is that
 nf-sometimes our message is more one of economics than compassion and that
 nf-gets confused in the congress.

Frankly, I think a blind person may as well vote his or her
ideology because neither party has done that much for us on the
national level as a party.
 nf-I have reservations about some things in
 nf-this last election, but blindness issues in the Congress don't
 nf-bother me at all.
 nf- Gary Wunder
But one thing people have to concede is that whether you like the
election outcome or not it shows what voters can do when they get
mad enough and angry enough to demand change and only 36 per cent
of the estimated eligible voters voted and yet we had this major
shift of power both in the congress and in the state governor's

 Harvey Heagy
 in New Orleans

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