From: 503 (robertj@tekgen.BV.TEK.COM)
Date: Mon Nov 21 1994 - 07:24:09 PST


     Last Saturday, I looked at a machine called a Huskygram made by Husqvarna.
This machine is computer controled and can embroider pictures on fabric.
It is claimed that the machine can do 14X14 inch patternes. I was thinking this machine
might be able to be used as a plotter, embossing dots on paper. It turns out
that it can only do squares 4X4 inches. To get a larger pattern, you do it in
pieces. It was interesting to watch run. The machine makes 300 stitches per minute
and is fairly quiet. It makes less noise than a sewing machine. It can certainly
put dots very close together, I had it make the letters N F B in a piece of paper.
The machine ended up cutting the letters from the paper due to the spacing of the dots.
The Husygram won't work for us but the technology is very interesting.


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