Re: dot matrix printer for graphing

From: 503 (robertj@tekgen.BV.TEK.COM)
Date: Mon Nov 21 1994 - 14:19:15 PST


     I remember seeing the "braille typewriter". It was quite a machine.
I think someone even made a gadget that sot on top of the keys and pushed the
keys with plungers under computer control to make a slow braille printer.
I don't think a dot matrix printer has enough power to do what we want.
The possible exception would be the heavy duty industrial variety. There was
some work done using heavy duty daisy wheel printers. The hammer was
replaced with a point that could make dots. I recall that a system was
devised called Dipner dots that used the period to make braille. The platten
on the daisy wheel printer was removed and cobered with surgical tibing.
this provided a soft platten for the dots.


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