Re: Braille Plotters

From: T. V. Cranmer (
Date: Thu Nov 24 1994 - 03:27:17 PST

You are right on target. Modifying existing machines is usually
preferable to designing a new one from scratch. In fact, that is what
Jaquiss is trying to do. He is scurrying around the country looking at
various machines, or obtaining brochures on others, in hope of finding
something suitable for a starting point for computer-controled raised
drawings--electrical diagrams, etc.

Robert is headed for seattle washington soon to examine an industrial
sewing machine capable of piercing leather, capable of handling materials
up to 14 by 18 inches, or something like that.

You are also right when you say that the spur wheel would not be suitable
for labeling diagrams. That at lone is enough to force our attention

The spur may have made it greatest contribution by spurring on this

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