Braille Windows Access

Date: Wed Dec 07 1994 - 21:36:42 PST

We at the International Braille and Technology Center
for the Blind have just received Windots, a Braille
access package for Microsoft Windows 3.1.
It only works at this time with the Braillex 2D display from
Pappenmeier of Germany.
While I have not used it extensively yet, it does
have one notable difference from other systems.
The other ones, primarily speech systems, focus in on
the active window and do not show you anything else on the
screen. While you can move elsewhere, you may not know
what else is there.
The Windots program allows you to move anywhere on the screen.
It uses the cursor routing buttons to control the mouse.
It also has a vertical display on the side that
represents screen layout info with dots. Once you gain
experience with this method, you can get a lot of information about
number of windows, size, location, etc.
It is an interesting approach.
One disadvantage is the cost, $1500.
Another is that only the 2D is supported, although it is a
fine display.
The importer is Jack Wood, I do not have his address at hand.
You can also contact Mr. Tommy Craig,
6909 Rufus Drive,
Austin, TX 78752
(512) 451-1717.
He works with Wood and can sell and support the system.
David Andrews, Director, IBTC

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