Re: Separate Legislation List

From: james willows (
Date: Mon May 29 1995 - 11:59:18 PDT

Hello Mike:

        You asked about contacting President Maurer about this list ...
If it does appear reasonable to others, I thought Mr. Andrews might
willing to discuss it with President Maurer. Hope this is OK with you,

Jim Willows
 P.S. Mike- I see you have a new signoff thought. I liked the
"pushing 40" one. Jim

On Sun, 28 May 1995, Mike Freeman wrote:

> Jim:
> I concur with your idea wholeheartedly. I've been thinking for some time
> how useful a "NFB legislative E-mail list" or network list might be.
> IMHO it's something we should pursue immediately and with vigor.
> Legislative matters seem to move so quickly in this Congress that I
> believe such a list is about the only way to pass on material quickly.
> Jim, do you want to write to President Maurer or is that Brian's job <grin>?
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