Date: Thu Sep 14 1995 - 09:50:56 PDT

Like you, Tim, I don't have a lot of experience either.
There are two programs on NFB NET, that I haven't used,
but they may be of interest to people. They are and
I guess you can go back and forth, edit, and recompile, etc.

> Thanks, Robert, for the comments on MIDI. I have limited experience with
> MIDI instruments and enjoy listening to several hundred MIDI compositions
> that I have retrieved from CompuServe and the Internet. Jay Williams,
> formerly with Smith-Kettlewell is the blind expert in this field, at
> least among my acquaintances. I don't know how to contact Jay at the moment.
> I have a DOS based program for playing MIDI files As with other
> programs, there is very little new development apparent in MIDI music
> that I can use. I'm willing to talk more about the stuff I have via
> private E-mail.
> Has anyone heard of a program to convert MIDI sequencer files to Braille
> music?

David Andrews, director
International Braille and Technology Center
for the Blind
National Federation of the Blind

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