Re: Electric Cars and Noise

From: robertj@tekgen.BV.TEK.COM
Date: Sat Jan 13 1996 - 13:37:06 PST


     If I understand correctly, the GM car will be sold in 1996.
There are also other companies in California working on electric cars.
There is even an association that publishes instructions on how to convert a
lightweight gas car into an electic one. I would guess that the Japanese will
not be far behind in getting products to the U. S. I have ridden in an
electric golf cart and it was very quiet. The motor whined when running but
you might not know one was coming down the road until it got too close.
Portland Oregon has a lite rail system called Max. Max is very quiet.
I have been on a sidewalk when it went by and in heavy traffic you don't
hear it coming. When Max was introduced into the area, classes were held for
school children to teach them to be extra careful when crossing the Max tracks.
Sighted drivers sometimes don't see Max coming so Max trains have a loud horn
that the driver can blow. One time I was in Portland shopping with my mother.
There was this loud blast from a horn. I asked what that was and was told that
the Max was honking at a driver stopped on the tracks.

     I think most of the sound of a car comes from its engine and other body

        Robert Jaquiss

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