Re: Electric Cars and Noise

From: David Andrews (
Date: Sat Jan 13 1996 - 18:40:45 PST

We really don't need to ride in it, we just need to hear it go by.
David Andrews

On Sat, 13 Jan 1996, Mike Freeman wrote:

> David Andrews brings up the subject of electric cars and noise. This is
> certainly a legitimate subject for discussion. Were the electric cars of
> today like those in use in, say, 1900, I think we would have just cause
> for alarm. HOwever, given my experiences riding in electric cars
> (Bonnevile used to own two -- a modified Fiat sedan and a van -- during
> those quixotic days of supposed energy research during the Carter
> administration), I am not too worried. If the cars were moving at all,
> one heard quite a bit of noise fromsolid-state, multivibrator-driven
> power supplies -- they really screamed. The cars were by no means as
> quiet as people imagined. However, when at rest, the cars made no noise.
> That *might* be a problem.
> Someone ought to wangle a ride in that new GM electric car to see if it's
> like the electric vehicles of circa 1980 of which I spoke or whether the
> technology has advanced sufficiently to make the car quiet like those of
> 1900 which had a direct drive from the batteries.
> MIke Freeman

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