How about talking books read by a synthesizer?

From: jaap van lelieveld (
Date: Mon Jan 15 1996 - 10:22:08 PST

Dear Talking book and braillebook readers,

More and more a discussion comes up concerning the production of
Talking books by synthesizers: record the "voice" of the
synthesizer on a regular tape / cassette and copy / distribute
this cassette.
I would like to know your opinion on this?

- Is the speech quality of the synthesizers good enough?
- Are the seem requiremnets valid that are used for human readers?
- What do you think of indexing on cassettes by a synthesizer reader?
- What kind of books can be read by synthesizers?
- For which target group do you think synthesizer-recorded books
  can be produced?
- Is it a good idea to produce and distribute synthesizer read
  talking books on a larger scale? What are in general the
  advantages and disadvantages?
Be so kind to give your personal view / thoughs on this item.
At the end of january a seminar is planned in Copenhagen
(danmark) on the future of talking books. This is one of the items
and I've honor of giving a speech on this item. I would like to
know though a bit more about the opinion of users that do have
experiences and/or thoughts about the subhect.
Please send me your thoughts!
Best regards and thanks,

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