From: Deane Blazie (
Date: Mon Jan 29 1996 - 23:05:13 PST

Mike, what is it about the OPtacon 2 that makes it less than the Optacon
1. I'm curious.

By the way, Telesensory is looking for someone to take over production of
the Optacon 2. They want it to be produced but not by them.

On Tue, 23 Jan 1996, Mike Freeman wrote:

> Although the advent of affordable OCR technology and devices giving
> access to computer output has largely rendered the Optacon unnecessary,
> There are certain situations requiring print access, however, for which
> no other device (asside from a human reader) will work. I therefore would
> hope that TeleSensory would reconsider its decision or let some other
> manufacturer make the Optacon.
> That said, however, I would strongly maintain that a device akin to the
> Optacon Model R1D, not the Optacon II, should be built. The Optacon II
> isn't worth tenc cents!
> Mike Freeman

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