Re: Resurrecting the Optacon

From: David Andrews (
Date: Sun Feb 18 1996 - 07:35:00 PST

Much of what Tim says about the OptaCon makes sense. I think there are a
number of users who employ it for specific tasks.

I for one sold mine in 1986 or maybe that was 85, to buy my first
computer and haven't regreted it.
I think that it is like listening to news, or voting. Everyone says it
is a good thing, and they do it, but the reality is less. We tend to say
the optacon is a great thing and it should be there, but the sales
numbers don't bear that out.
Would an improved design dramatically increase the sales? I think
somewhat, but how much, I don't know? If it had good, real, OCR, and
could speak what it wrote, then people would use it more. this should
be something you could turn on and off.
David Andrews

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