New generation of talking books.

From: jaap van lelieveld (
Date: Sun Feb 25 1996 - 06:42:25 PST

Dear readers,
Some time ago I asked a question concerning Talking Books read
by speech synthesizers. This was one item in a seminar
concerning the future generation of talking books.

The general conclusion for the speech synthesizers was: the
quality of speech synthesizers is not good enough for larger
scale production; it might usefull to use it for very specific
reasons for TB users who can agree on this.

As an add on I publish to you the DRAFT version of the
recommendations of the seminar. These recommendations must be
agreed by the board of EBU.

The context of the resolutinos concern the new generation of
Talking books without specifying the media to use. The document
containing user requirements for new generation talking books
will be distributed (as a draft too) to all EBU member countries

Please be so kind to tread the follow as a draft. The certified
addition documents will be available soon.

best regards,

           EBU Working Seminar on Next Generation Talking Books
                    25th-26th January 1996, Copenhagen


1. That the papers:

a. The Next Generation of Talking Books - Draft 1" by the Nordic Co-
     operation Committee;

b. Talking Books in the Near Future by Jaap van Lelieveld, Chair of the
     EBU Commission on Technical Devices and Services;

c. User Requirements for Next Generation of Talking Books by Kurt
     Nielsen, Chair of the EBU Commission on Access to Culture and

form an excellent basis for stating the user requirements of European talking
book users. They should be taken with the statements from the four working
groups of this Seminar and combined into a single document to be presented as
EBU s view.

This document should be circulated to EBU member organisations for further
consultation before ratification by the EBU Board.

2. That the EBU Expert Working Group should seek to take the combined
     paper to start a similar discussion within the regions of the World Blind
     Union (WBU), and should seek to encourage WBU to form similar views
     without delay.

3. That the EBU Expert Working Group should seek to influence the projects
     presented here in Copenhagen at this Seminar, and other producers in the
     same field, to work closely in co-operation with a view to agreeing a
     common set of solutions.

4. That the EBU Expert Working Group recommends to the EBU Board that
     they should stimulate projects through organisations. EBU should
     encourage funding and technical assistance to libraries who wish to
     convert and introduce the new technologies.
5. That the EBU Board should work to stimulate the European Union and
     national governments to encourage and help libraries for the blind and
     national libraries who wish to convert and introduce the new technologies.

6. That the EBU Expert Working Group should seek to encourage the world s
     audio/digital manufacturing industry to develop systems that can provide
     for our needs as set out in the above "combined" user requirements

EBU Expert Working Group on Next Generation Talking Books
26 January 1996, Copenhagen

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