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Date: Thu Feb 29 1996 - 06:19:22 PST

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> Were you able to try out Omnipage? I ask because Caere bought out
  Calera and judging from the reviews, most
>of the work was going into Omnipage. Another area of interest would be if
>two products will be merged somehow. I can't see a company continuing to
>two competing products. Happy scanning.

I have not been in a position to do a side-by-side comparison of
WordScan and Omnipage. But development of WordScan has continued
until pretty recently; the WordScan files I got on February 19 were
dated in September of 1995. Jim Fruchterman has stated on Blind-L
that the WordScan and Omnipage product lines will be combined sometime
later this year. Who knows what will end up in the Open Book products
or exactly when.

On laser-printed material, WS 4 does extremely well, except for
putting a few hard returns in unexpected places. On a photocopy of a
multi-column newspaper article from "EE Times", things are pretty
chaotic, but I would say still usable. On a 100 MHz Pentium, a
properly oriented laser-printed page is recognized in 10 or 15
seconds; for the complex newspaper output oriented in landscape
direction, recognition took about two minutes. I can also hit keys at
the wrong time and crash the whole system. When that happens, the
debris is still usable.

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