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     I am forwarding the following note as I think we might to at know that
this foundation exists. Anyone know the fidderence between "large cell braille" and
jumbo dot braille?

        Robert Jaquiss


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The National Large Cell Braille Foundation is a 501(c)3 non profit
organization dedicated to making large cell braille materials more widely
available to the blind who need their materials in the large cell braille
format. Your tax deductible contribution helps make our work to make large
cell braille materials more available to blind people a reality.

This is your chance to support the efforts of an organization founded by the
blind, operated by the blind, and which benefits the blind, with your tax
deductible contribution in any amount. Your contribution may be earmarked
for the Large Cell Braille Bible Project, or the Hooked On Braille Project to
ensure your donation is not used for any other purpose. Donations not
earmarked will be used where they are most needed.

Remember that a terrible thing can happen when the blind do not support
worthy blind endeavors - nothing. Become a Large Cell Braille Booster TODAY!

These are projects the blind community can be proud to support. Send your
tax deductible contribution to: National Large Cell Braille Foundation, C/O
Harry Martin, President, 2314 River Park Circle, #2111, Orlando, Florida

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