From: robertj@tekgen.BV.TEK.COM
Date: Tue Jun 25 1996 - 07:51:36 PDT

Hello everyone:

     If any of you are attending the National Federation of the Blind
convention this year; I have recepved the following informatin.
The Hilton hotel will cancel room reservations for persons who arrive late.
In this case, this is six PM. Frequent travelers may know of this policy, but
if you don't travel very often you could be in for a nasty suprise.
I suggest that if their is a remote possibility that you won't make it to the hotel
by six PM, you should call the hotel at (714) 750-4321 and let them know you will
be arriving late. If you have reservations, this should help you keep your room.
See you at convention.

        Robert Jaquiss

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