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Date: Sat Aug 24 1996 - 19:46:20 PDT

Here is a project that could use input from people on the NFB list.



From: BLINUX Documentation and Development Project <>
To: blinux news release <>,,,,,,,
Subject: Braille and Linux Documentation
Date: Fri, 23 Aug 1996 18:01:44 -0400 (EDT)

Hello Listers!

A lot of work has been going on behind the scenes at the BLINUX
Documentation Project concerning the question of braille documentation.

In order to ensure that the braille documentation produced by the BLINUX
project is of the highest possible quality, we need your input.

We believe that full BLINUX documentation will require two types
of braille.

Type One is "braille on the web". This entails braille-ready
documentation mounted on the web, which can be read via a refreshable
braille display.

Type Two is "downloadable" braille--files that can be downloaded and
archived for reading and/or embossing.

And here's where you come in.

We'd like to know:

1. what formats you prefer for the archived braille files, including
language, grade, page dimensions, and type of braille (i.e. UBC,
computer braille, or other type.) Note that the conventions adopted for
the markup of the "downloadable" braille will also be used in the marking
up of the "braille on the web"

2.. If you use a braille display as your mode of net access, let us know
what you'd like the brailled web page to feel like. Yes, that's right--we
want to develop web pages which are refreshable-braille friendly, a sort
of blind person's PDF!

3. We also need testers for the "braille on the web" part of the project.
If you are interested in testing "braille on the web", please email to provide the BLINUX Documentation Project with
the following information:

        1. type of braille display
        2. how you connect to the net, i.e. netscape, lynx, or some other
        browser including whether you use a shell account or not.
        3. how does braille feel with links set to numbers in in lynx, and
        how might this effect grade two braille?

We'd like the grade two to actually be used as hypertext inside and
outside of the document. We'll be exploring ways to let someone know that
they are about to enter a grade two site. We'll provide straight text and
grade two choices for all the documents in the test and in what ever form
things take after that. We hope to develop a standard that can be ported
through out the web.

We'd also like suggestions as to an agent who can reproduce hard copies of
the archived "downloadable braille", as many who do not own embossers will
need to have the archived braille files reproduced for them.

Now that I've droned on for awhile, let me give you a little background on
myself. I have several years experience in the pc field as a blind pc
user and a professional in the field of access issues as they relate to
technology. I've taught braille production from the standpoint of an
experienced braille reader and duxbury user, and have produced quite a
bit of braille myself. I do a little webbing too, but then doesn't
everybody? I'm not as technically minded regarding unix as
many of you--in fact, I use DOS for all the things I do--but I do want
a better operating system, even if only to thwart the big MS in the sky.
>From what i've read on blinux-list and elsewhere, I firmly believe that
this not only can, but will happen, but only if we blind folk assume an
active role in its development.

I leave you with one last question. What specific documents would you
want brailled if we don't do them all? <g> In other words, if we go into
hard copy production, and can't do them all, please pick your poison!
This also applies, although not as much, to the archive, as gregory has
been given the Empire State Building in which to store documents. <g>

One last thought--please address your comments to me (
and Cc them to, as well as this list.


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