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From: Harvey (
Date: Fri Sep 27 1996 - 00:31:17 PDT

I got this via e-mail and thought others might be interested.

From: IN%"" "Ronald Reed"
To: IN%""
Subject: Internet Audio Services for the Blind.


I'm Chuck Ayers and I'd like to tell you about a service for Internet
users who are blind. It's being offered at no charge by my company in
Tulsa, Oklahoma. We provide access to two radio reading services on
the World Wide Web. It's a wonderful resource and it's easy to use!

Simply go to our homepage,, and move the cursor
down to In Touch Network, Incorporated. Click on this item. You'll
see sections from both the In Touch Network in New York City and the
Kansas Audio Reader, from the University of Kansas. Both services
provide 24-hour readings from newspapers -- nationwide, as well as
magazines and recent books.

To access the programming, your computer needs at least a 14.4 modem
and a sound card. The audio is provided in RealAudio. The special
player software can be downloaded from our site free.

We welcome your suggestions on what should be included at this Net
location for the blind. We hope you'll help us out and take a few
minutes to complete our survey. If you have any questions or comments
about this informative reading service, please call me at 1-918-481-5252.
I also have an e-mail adddress:

Please feel free to explore the other TST programming areas, including
talk shows, special events and sports.

Thanks for your consideration of our service -- see you on the Net!

Chuck Ayers

Harvey Heagy
in New Orleans

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