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The Browser and Screen Reader Listserve.

BASR-L is a professional mailing list for discussing blind
people's web access issues. The main focus of this mailing list
is to improve the access blind people have to the World Wide Web.
(It is not a list for support on existing products and features,
since other lists already provide that service.)

We invite the participation of blind people, web professionals,
adaptive technology industry professionals, and other interested
individuals on BASR-L:

If you are a blind consumer interested in working with browser companies
to develop an understanding of how blind people could use browsrs most
effectively, you are invited to join BASR-L. Certainly, no such effort
can hope to succeed without your active participation.

If you are a professional associated with the development of web
and browser technology, and would like to help blind people gain
the best access possible to the web, you are invited to join
BASR-L. You will learn how blind people use computers to access
information they usually can't get any other way. Our effort
will not succeed without the active participation of
professionals from the industry that brings web browsers to

If you are an access technology developer or professional who is
interested in developing approaches for World Wide Web access, you are
invited to join BASR-L. This listserve would be an excellent forum for
developing mutual strategies with browser developers. Your experience in
providing blind people access to information technology will be invaluable
to this group's efforts.

If you are a researcher in these or associated fields, and you
are interested in testing the limits of non-visual web browsing,
you are invited to join BASR-L. You will learn about the
practical opportunities available in non-visual information
technology today. And, we need your vision of a better tomorrow
to insure the best browsing products possible.

Specially adapted computer interfaces based on synthetically
generated speech (and on refreshable braille displays) have
transformed the lives of many blind people over the past twenty
years. BASR-L has been formed to provide a professional forum for
developing the necessary ideas and contacts to insure that these
gains in technology continue for blind people's quality of life and
success in employment in the information age.


To subscribe to the list, please send mail to
witn NO subject. The message body should contain:

    subscribe basr-l YOUR-NAME

where you replace YOUR-NAME with your name which can include spaces.

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