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Date: Thu May 01 1997 - 16:50:43 PDT

Hello -
  Would you like to see more up-to-date programming manuals
available in electronic format? If so, please take 30
seconds (no kidding!) to send in the form letter below.
The letters received by Recordings for the Blind and Dislexic
are simply counted and considered when the time comes to add
new books to the E-Text library.
  The form letter below is a request to add the X Window System
series of manuals from O'Reilly and Associates to the
E-Text library. The manuals are listed in the letter,
along with a short description of each.
  One more thing - pass this letter along to anyone who might be
interested in a better electronic library. The more the merrier!

Send the letter to: <Anne McArthur>

Please send a cc to me for tracking: <Brian Sellden>


Brian Sellden

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Dear Ms McArthur,
  I'm writing you this letter to add my name to the list of people
who would like to see the set of X Window System manuals made
available in the E-Text library at RFB&D. These manuals, from
O'Reilly and Associates, are an essential part of the reference
collection of every X user/programmer.

  Below is a list of manuals that would be of great help to me.

Thank you for your time.

Volume 1: Xlib Programming Manual

By Adrian Nye
3rd Edition July 1992
1-56592-002-3, Order Number: 0023
824 pages, $34.95

A complete programming guide to the X library (Xlib), the lowest level of
programming interface to X. Covers X11 Release 5. Includes introductions to
internationalization, device-independent color, font service, and scalable

Volume 6A: Motif Programming Manual

By Dan Heller, Paula Ferguson & David Brennan
2nd Edition February 1994
1-56592-016-3, Order Number: 0163
1016 pages, $34.95

A source for complete, accurate, and insightful guidance on Motif application
programming. In addition to information on Motif, the book is full of tips
about programming in general and about user- interface design. It includes
material on using UIL, drag-and-drop, and tear-off menus and covers Motif
Release 1.2 (while remaining usable with Motif 1.1). Complements Volume 6B,
Motif Reference Manual.

Programmer's Supplement for Release 6

Edited by Adrian Nye
1st Edition September 1995
1-56592-089-9, Order Number: 0899
452 pages, $29.95

For programmers who are familiar with Release 5 of the X Window System and who
want to know how to use the new features of Release 6. This book, intended as
an update for owners of Volumes 1, 2, 4, and 5 of the X Window System series,
provides complete tutorial and reference information to all new Xlib and Xt
toolkit functions.

Volume 4M: X Toolkit Intrinsics Programming Manual

Motif Edition

By Adrian Nye & Tim O'Reilly
2nd Edition August 1992
1-56592-013-9, Order Number: 0139
674 pages, $34.95

A complete guide to programming with Xt Intrinsics, the library of C language
routines that facilitates the design of user interfaces with reusable
components called widgets. Uses the Motif 1.2 widget set in examples and
covers X11 Release 5.

Volume 5: X Toolkit Intrinsics Reference Manual

Edited by David Flanagan
3rd Edition April 1992
1-56592-007-4, Order Number: 0074
916 pages, $34.95

Complete programmer's reference for the X Toolkit, providing pages for each of
the Xt functions, as well as the widget classes defined by Xt and the Athena
widgets. This third edition has been reorganized and expanded for X11 Release

Volume 3: X Window System User's Guide

Standard Edition

By Valerie Quercia & Tim O'Reilly
4th Edition May 1993
1-56592-014-7, Order Number: 0147
836 pages, $34.95

Orients the new user to window system concepts and provides detailed tutorials
for many client programs, including the xterm terminal emulator and window
managers. Later chapters explain how to customize the X environment. This
popular manual is available in two editions, one for users of the MIT
software, one for users of Motif. Revised for X11 Release 5.

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