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Date: Fri Oct 03 1997 - 23:09:17 PDT

Two New Product Announcements by JBliss Imaging Systems

JBliss Imaging Systems is now shipping two new products described below.
These products are in addition to VIPinfoSoft and VIPinfoSoft Plus which
were released in May, 1997. The objective of all of these products is to
make reading printed and electronic documents as easy and fast as possible
for user=92s with visual impairments.=20

ezVIP=99 is a print document reading program for people who have low vision
or are totally blind. It is designed for people with no computer
experience and who want the simpliest possible system which can be adjusted
for optimal use of their vision. It includes Xerox Textbridge OCR and
A.T.&T. Flextalk synthetic speech. The speech can be customized for the
user=92s needs. Letter size, spacing, colors and font type can be adjusted
and presentation mode can be varied (i.e., Marquee view in which one line
scrolled across the screen, RSVP in which one word at a time is presented
in the same location, Word Wrap in which as many lines as fit on the screen
are displayed and scrolled, and Image view, which shows the actual image
from the scanned document with one line at a time magnified and scrolled
across the screen). After customization, ezVIP is switched to "User" mode.
 In "User" mode only two buttons are used to control the reading process:
"Scan" and "Read". Scroll speed can be adjusted with a trackball, mouse,
or trackpad.
Price: $695 for software only, $2,450 for complete turnkey system.
Demo: Free CD by mail, expires in 30 days

VIPinfoNet=99 is an internet browser for people who have low vision or are
blind. Text from Web pages are converted into visual and speech displays
which can be customized to the user=92s needs. The speech is A.T.&T.
Flextalk. Text font, colors, size, and line spacing can be adjusted.
Formats can be selected which include one line scrolled across the screen
(Marquee), one word at a time in the same location (RSVP), lines as long as
fit without splitting words, and as many lines as fit (Word Wrap).
Pictures and graphics are downloaded on demand and can be enlarged
electronically. Link, bookmark, and history lists make surfing and
navigation easy. Other features include search, table viewer, image map
support, built-in find and search from several search engines, print, save,
and open, and "view and read" text pasted from Windows 95 Clipboard.
Price: $250 (less $100 discount to VIPinfoSoft and ezVIP owners)
Demo: Free CD by mail, expires in 30 days

Producer: JBliss Imaging Systems, 650 Saratoga Ave., San Jose, CA, 95129
Toll Free Phone: 888-452-5477
Phone: 408-246-5783
Fax: 408-246-5735
System: Windows 95

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