Wristwatch Phone

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Where do I order it???

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>A MOBILE telephone the size of a wristwatch has been developed by the
>Japanese state
> telephone company and will be tested at the Winter
>Electronic Telegraph, Feb 4 1998
>Japanese test 'wristwatch' phone
> By Robert Uhlig, Technology Correspondent
>Claimed to be the world's smallest telephone, it uses voice-recognition to
>overcome the problem
>of having a keyboard too small for fingers. Its designers at the Nippon
>Telegraph and Telephone
>Corporation said they could have shrunk a phone to matchbox size some time
>ago, but suitable
>voice-recognition technology has only recently become available.
>Forty "wristwatch" phones, each weighing 1.5oz, will be loaned to officials
>at the Winter
>Olympics in Nagano. If the test is successful, they will go on sale to the
>public for about ?300
>See also http://olympic.mbc.ntt.co.jp/english/newef.html
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