Changes at CompuServe

From: David Andrews (
Date: Sun Feb 22 1998 - 11:44:05 PST

Hi Curtis:

Hope your trip to Seattle went well. i am sure you will us with a

As you know, AOL recently took over at CompuServe. They announced that
they are killing off CompuServe's efforts to put its Forums on the Web, and
will concentrate on a new user client for the service.

As you know, traditionally, Compuserve's WINCIM has been relatively speech
friendly, while aOL's client (and service,) have been relatively unfriendly.

While I feel I am always coming to you with things to do... nevertheless,
it is time to Contact CompuServe, and AOL, to use any contacts you or
others may have, to urge AOL to keep CompuServe user-friendly to blind
persons. I would hate to loose what little progress we have made.

David Andrews

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