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>Subject: Computer Help Needed at NFB Convention
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>As an experiment, we are making available a computer and some games in
>the "Teen's Room" at selected times during the national convention in
>Atlanta. These are games written for speach that make use of the sound
>card for sound effects. The times that this machine will be available
>are 1:00-5:00 PM on Friday afternoon and 7:00-10:00 PM on Saturday and
>Sunday, July 2, 3, and 4.
>I am looking for volunteers who have some knowledge of computers to
>assist by making sure the computer is started up correctly, assist when
>necessary, and make sure that nobody dumps a can of pop on the
>keyboard, etc. Volunteers will not be expected to supervise in
>general, as there will always be another adult present. The Friday
>afternoon time slot is going to be very difficult to fill because it
>coincides with our division meetings. If you are attending a division
>meeting but you know you could help for part of that afternoon, that
>would be of great help.
>If you have questions or are willing to help, please DO NOT write to
>the list, but contact me privately at:
>or by phone at:
>651-733-9780 (Days)
>612-927-7694 (evenings or weekends).
>I will be arriving at the hotel on Tuesday evening, June 29.
>You don't have to be familiar with the games themselves. There will be
>documentation and they are easy to learn. Any help will be much
>Steve Jacobson
>E-mail: sojacobson@mmm.com
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