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From: Shawn Mayo (
Date: Fri Aug 27 1999 - 01:17:46 PDT

Below is a forward of a message about another commercial. I will work on
getting contact information out.

I am not a Wrestling fan, but Sunday night I found myself watching wrestling
with friends on Pay Per View. It was the World Wrestling Federation Summer
Slam. Late in the show a promo for their web site was shown. It showed a blind
man walking with a cane right out in front of a bus and being hit and the
over says approximently "WWF dot com over 20 million hits a week."
Thought you might want to know or let others know. To me it was highly
offensive. This was the same wrestling match were Governor Jessie Ventura of
Minnesota was a referee so it was pretty widely viewed. They likely show the
promo on their on other cable channels during their programs.

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