To College, and Beyond!

By Ronit Ovadia, President, California Association of Blind Students

        The semi-annual CABS seminar was held on Saturday, May 8 at the Courtyard Marriott in Burbank. Over 30 students, parents and teachers attended this day-long seminar.

        During the morning session, Federationists spoke on a wide variety of subjects. President Nancy Burns set the stage with her presentation, "The Genius in You" (read it here). Nathanael Wales described the process by which he turned his childhood hobby of building bridges and structures with Legos into reality and a real job. Nathanael is presently a civil engineer with the Department of Water Resources in Sacramento.

        Mariyam Cementwala reflected on her adventure in Ireland and how she handled discrimination toward a blind person in another country (read a related story here).

        Crystal Tadeo recounted her struggles and accomplishments through the California Culinary Academy in San Francisco where she now holds a certificate of completion. She proved her abilities by bringing with her freshly-baked, delicious chocolate chip and oatmeal raisin cookies.

        Chad Allen, sometimes known as the Amazing Chadini, delighted the group with a magical presentation. He also spoke of his journey from the east coast to the west coast and how he had learned his skills of independence by attending the NFB Colorado Center.

        During the lunch break the attendees broke into several groups and lunched at nearby sandwich shops. During the afternoon session attendees divided into three focus groups: Math and Science, College Life and How to Make the Best of It, and Rehabilitation and Training. The enthusiasm was evident in each of the groups and another successful CABS seminar was completed.

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