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Concerning the establishment of statewide Support Service Provider Services for people who are Deaf-Blind

Whereas, there is apparently a shortage of SSP (Support Service Provider) services outside of California’s most populated cities and counties, Deaf-Blind persons have encountered a large degree of trouble securing SSP services that may exist, but don’t have enough staff to meet demand. For many Deaf-Blind persons there are no SSP service available at all where they live, and,

Whereas this forces Deaf-Blind persons to rely on family and friends to help them out with basic tasks such as going to the doctor, grocery shopping, banking, and other personal errands and appointments. This reliance on family and friends can sometimes create tension within families and within friendships. And whereas this situation fosters dependence on others, thus putting deaf blind persons at a distinct disadvantage in their community interactions.

THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED by the national Federation of the Blind of California, assembled and convened in the city of Milpitas, California, on this, the 10th day of November, 2019, to call on the stakeholders within the deaf and blind communities, and the organizations that serve Deaf-Blind persons in the state of California, to work on creating SSP services.  These services will assist deaf blind-persons who live in the parts of the state that either have no SSP service and/or inadequate SSP services, to meet the local demand for those services.

Be IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the National Federation of the Blind of California call on the Helen Keller National Center (HKNC) regional representative and/or her designate, to work with these stakeholders and state government agencies to hasten the creation of the services in these areas of the state where it is needed.

Be IT FURTHER RESOLVED that after the creation of the SSP services, all of the stakeholders, including the National Federation of the Blind of California, will work diligently to get the word out to Deaf-Blind citizens that the SSP services are available and explain to them how to obtain them.

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