From: 503 (
Date: Fri Jul 15 1994 - 12:04:47 PDT

Hello everyone:

     I have been thinking about this division and how we could make our treasury
grow. In stead of the usual candy bars, beef sticks etc. why not tools?
As an example, I have a Leatherman knife which is an attempt to improve on the
Swiss army knife. This tool is unique in that it folds like a ruler. You open it
and select a tool from one of the halves. You can then close the tool with the
implement you have selected sticking out the end. This makes for a very safe
tool to use. You don't have to worry about the knife blade folding back on your
hand. The Leatherman tool has a compliment of screwdrivers, one blade pliers
etc. It is great to have on the roade and can be used to easily open up a

        Robert Jaquiss


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