From: 503 (robertj@tekgen.bv.tek.com)
Date: Wed Jul 20 1994 - 07:48:11 PDT

Hello Everyone:

     It works! it works! it works!

I finally got the wood robot to work. As those of you who were at the R&D
Committee meeting know, I didn't have any carvings from the wood robot to show.
This was due to a problem with the Z axis. The router was going up when it should have been doing down. A setting change (Thanks Andrew.) fixed the problem.
I have carved a couple of letters and most of a circle (I started in the wrong
place and ran off the wood. My friend Larry Godfrey and I still have some kinks
to work out, but we made lots of progress last night. I will send an update

        Robert Jaquiss

Internet: robertj@tekgen.bv.tek.com

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