building the treasury of the Science and Engineering Division

From: John Miller (
Date: Wed Jul 20 1994 - 08:27:56 PDT

Hello folks,
Robert Jaquiss raises an important concern.
We need to fund this movement, and because we have substantial
division expenses such as a quarterly newsletter, we need to fund
the Science and Engineering Division.
The associates program is an excellent way to fund the Federation.
Because of contact with division members, many technically focused
professionals will support the Federation that otherwise might not do so.

It is true that adding money to our treasury enables us to carry out
programs that we otherwise might not choose to do. But most
important, the funds we raise are a tangible result of the intangible
benefit to the Federation of people believing that the blind can
succeed in science and engineering. Our newsletter will share our
experiences. The personal contacts we make with it and our other
programs will help open technical fields to the blind.
Raising funds gives us a program to create these personal contacts and
educate about blindness.

Since we are a newly formed national division with members scattered
across the country, I believe our first fund raising effort should
cost little to implement, be easy to administer, and allow all who
wish to participate. I suggest a raffle. I have some ideas about the
particulars coming soon. What are your thoughts about the matter?

John A. Miller
                   (619) 658-3876
member, National Federation of the Blind

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