Re: fostering an interest in science for blind children

From: John Miller (
Date: Thu Jul 21 1994 - 07:40:31 PDT

You are attending the Colorado Center.
Is there a summer program there for blind teenagers?
I know there is one in Louisiana.
Would you make the link for me,
why should kids who like math and science should study braille, mobility, and
independent living skills.
What role models would help them, give examples.
If you wrote a page or two, we could share these thoughts with many blind
I didn't do a summer program of blindness training as a teenager.
I thought it wouldn't really help me.
But then, in the early 80's there weren't nfb centers.
I wish I could have attended one.
It would have proved very useful.
John A. Miller
                   (619) 658-3876
member, National Federation of the Blind

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