Re: fostering an interest in science for blind children

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Date: Thu Jul 21 1994 - 08:28:24 PDT

Hello John:

     For a role model to be effective, the student must believe that the person
is a role model. The student must be able to imagine that he/she is or could
do what the role model was doing. Books about disabled scientists and
engineers are a begining. An even greater impace is when a student visits or
has interaction with the actual person doing something. This of course was
what the ancient guild system fostered. As for implementation, tne NFB camp
(Child care) at the national conventions is one place we can begin. Children
learn with hands on expierences. Maybe its building with blocks, tinker toys,
legos... Modeling can go up scale with some high tech stuff such as k-nex,
Mechano, Lego Technic and Fisher Technic. As an expieriment, I bought a
Lego gulldozer kit, K-nex set and a Mechano (No. 2). So far, I have reached
the following conclusions.

1. These toys can be used by the blind.
2. It is probably best to go through some projects with a older sibling or parent
  I think instructions can be produced but some basic concepts need to be
learned. The parts of all three of the kits I bought are small especially some of
the Mechano screws. Good dexterity is a must.

     I would hope we could have some fun things for the kids to do next year at
national convention.

     Personally, I do let kids visit me at work and look at my equipment. They
may not understand what I am doing professionally, but they can understand that
I do use a computer and that they can too.

     Our centers such as Blind Skills and the Colorado center could take people
to visit NFBSE members in their areas.

     Another resource should be the mechanics and carpenters.

See you later.

        Robert Jaquiss

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