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     Dr. Cranmer started a discussion topic regarding the use of the Internet.
The following two product announcements should be of interest.

        Robert Jaquiss

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From: (ChrisPnTek)
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Subject: PenTekk Offers PowerNeWS Over the Internet
Date: 11 Oct 1994 16:40:39 -0400
Organization: America Online, Inc. (1-800-827-6364)
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Chris Dawson
PenTekk Software Technologies, Inc.
4060 Citron Ct.
Norcross, Georgia 30093
(404) 564-0977

NORCROSS, Georgia -- Oct. 10, 1994 -- PenTekk Software Technologies, Inc.
has announced the availability of PowerNeWS(TM), an internet based
information service providing morning news and facts as reported by a variety
of leading news gathering organizations. Subscribers of PowerNeWS can receive
news reports from any of the following news categories:

* Business News: The day's top business news as reported by Associated Press

* Wall Street: Daily stock reports from Associated Press

* Computer Industry News: Daily stories on the computer industry from

* Sports: The latest sports scores and information from Associated Press

* Health and Science: Medical and science news as reported by Associated

* National News: Headline news from across the nation sourced by
   Associated Press

* Entertainment News: Movie and book reviews and celebrity news from
   Associated Press

PowerNeWS subscribers receive morning news articles every business day. The
news articles are sent to the subscriber's internet eMail address.

PowerNeWS monthly subscription fees are linked to the number of subjects a
person wishes to receive. Subscribers can receive two subjects for $6.95 per
month; each additional subject is $3.00. There is a one time activation fee
of $29.95. PowerNeWS subscribers receive the first month's subscription free
of charge.

Article 1695 of comp.newprod:
From: (Jesus Mena)
Newsgroups: comp.newprod
Subject: Competitive Intelligence Agent software
Date: 11 Oct 1994 19:30:07 -0400
Organization: UUNET Communications
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Keywords: CIA Software; Competitive Intelligence Agent; competitive intelligence software, business research software, personal information manager (pim) software, decision-support software, intelligent agent software

October 11, 1994 - CIA Software, (Alameda, CA) has introduced Competitive
Intelligence Agent (CIA) a personal assistant designed to find and access
thousands of sources of information on companies, industries, markets, and

The software contains telephone numbers and Internet site addresses on
industry specialists, research laboratories, trade associations, net servers,
congressional committees, think tanks, information brokers, document
retrieval services, private investigators, county recorder offices, regional
and trade newspapers, commercial databases and gateways, regulatory agencies,
government bbs, market analysts, hacker hangouts, etc.

The user simply selects a "KEYWORD" and clicks on the AGENT to get a list of
sources for point-and-dial access. CIA has a DIALER for voice communications
via a PC and telephone link-up. CIA also contains a LIBRARIAN with full
descriptions on hundreds of strategic databases worldwide. An ASSISTANT has a
built-in help system with research and analysis checklists, techniques and
strategies for assessments on companies, industries, markets and

CIA is $99. System Requirements: DOS and mouse, a modem is optional. CIA is
available now from CIA Software 1172 Alameda Point, Alameda CA 94502
510.521-4375 E-MAIL:

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