s&e NFB convention planning: RSVP by June 15

From: John Miller (jamiller@qualcomm.com)
Date: Tue Jun 06 1995 - 14:09:53 PDT

Hello gang,
National convention is fast approaching.
Spread the word about the Science and Engineering Division.
The activities going on are going to be the most exciting ever.
I am looking forward to a lot of fun with all of you.

prction before convention.
eregister for the Sunday s&e breakfast,
submit your resumes for our science resource book,
be alert that you are on call for our science buddy program,
and promote our division.

Seminar highlights are coming soon.
We are going to learn how blind scientists communicate technical
information and much more.

See the April Braille Monitor convention attractions for our first spot:

The Science and Engineering Division meeting is shaping up to be
jam-packed with exciting information. From microbiology to mathematics,
members know more science than I can hope to understand. Find out how
it is done at the division meeting. This will be a hands-on seminar.
Hiighlights include presentations of orginal scientific research by
blind colleagues and what works for the blind in grasping and
relating visual data. Come learn how the blind succeed in college
science and engineering courses and how blind scientists get ahead
on the job.

The Science and Engineering Division is launching its mentorship
program this year. If you are a student in the sciences and want to
spend a day with a blind professional in your field or if you want
to meet an enthusiastic, entertaining Federationist who holds an
opinion on most scientific matters, this program is for you. To sign
up as a mentor or protege, contact John Miller, Division President,
by E-mail jamiller@qualcomm.com or call (619) 587-3975.


The Third Annual Science & Engineering (S&E) Breakfast. You say you're
a life scientist or a technophile and nobody understands you when
you get on your favorite topic? At this breakfast everybody will
speak your language. Coordinator John Miller, California, President,
S&E Division of the NFB, (619) 587-3975. Preconvention reservations
are especially important for this breakfast in order to make sure that
there is enough space.

John A. Miller jamiller@qualcomm.com
                   (619) 658-3876
member, National Federation of the Blind

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