Introducing Myself!

Date: Wed Jun 28 1995 - 15:25:36 PDT

Hello everyone!

My name is Fred Chambers, and a few of you have met me before, I'm sure. For
the lucky few who have avoided me until now, y'all should know that I am a
Biologist who is legally blind as the result of a car accident. I am
currently writing to you from the shore of Lake Itasca in Minnesota. I'm
attending a Summer Grad course titled Sustainable Fisheries & Aquaculture.
 The rewards are many, and include about 100 above average students from
various U.S. states and territories, beautiful weather, a gorgeous little
research camp out in the middle of no-where, a lake, many recreational
activities on the water and off, and terrific people. The only bummers are
that we have about 10,000 mosquitoes per hectare, it is often very hot at
night, and the food is nothing like home cookin'. I'm from California, and
still haven't adjusted to the Midwestern diet. If you want meatless food,
you have to request it from the door of the kitchen. Enough about the
accommodations. I can't wait for a hot shower at the Hilton & Towers, and
you'll probably be able to find me at the International Food Fair in Chicago!

The terrain is rough, and often very rough along the lake, in the woods, and
over the tailings from the mines. I had to switch to a shorter cane with a
large "marshmellow" tip to navigate. So far, in a little more than two
weeks up here, I have only lost my footing once. I was exhausted, and
didn't have myarc wide enough on my left side. I missed detecting a rock,
and have a boo-boo on my knee to show for it.

I am interested in finding a good way to read pH meters, and other meters
like dissolved Oxygen, conductivity, alkalininity, hardness, and
thermometers. Wasn't there a water quality guy in Nebraska or somewhere that
Ms. Rovig spoke about last year sometime? Is he on this list? Who is on
this list? Please introduce yourself!

Thanks, and please find me at the convention,


Frederick M. Chambers
Lake Itasca Biological Station
University of Minnesota
HCO5 Box 6
Lake Itasca, MN 56460

member of the NFB of California
North San Diego County
3510 Bedford Circle
Carlsbad, CA 92008

p.s: I hope someone brings an external modem that I may need to borrow a
couple of times in Chicago. Without E-mail exchange among prof and students,
one is easily lost. Summer school moves so fast, I must be nuts to be going
to the convention! :D Ha ha ha!

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