S&E / NFB assistance needed

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Date: Sun Jul 09 1995 - 00:00:10 PDT

Hello everyone,

How did you like the convention? I had a bit of fun, learned much, and met
some wonderful Federationists.

I'm writing to forward a message from my alma mater's director of Office for
Students with Disabilities. Robbie Gimblett is her name, and she is fighting
the good fight. Here's her note:

In a message dated 95-07-07 13:58:27 EDT, RGIMBLETT@NETOPS.UCSD.EDU (Robbie
Gimblett) writes:

>Fall Qtr.'95 we have an EAP student from Australia who is accustomed
>to using primarily braille, and navigates with a cane.
>Understandably, she has requested a mobility orientation. However,
>my mobility orientation contacts have been limited to State Dept. of
>Rehab. assistance, and I am have a heck of a time getting anywhere
>with non-residence assistance. Moreover, I had no success with any
>of our local agencies for the blind, and as a result, have received a
>quote from the Braille Institute (L.A.) for brailling a campus map -
>to the tune of $1K.
>HELP! Your expertise is requested.
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How can we help?
The school is the University of California at San Diego.

Good luck and keep me posted!


Frederick M. Chambers
Fisheries & Aquaculture
Lake Itasca Biological Station
University of Minnesota
HCO5 Box 6
Lake Itasca, MN 56460

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