Microsoft Disability Access Summit 95 Materials Available

From: Mike Freeman (
Date: Wed Aug 09 1995 - 11:22:18 PDT

The materials made available to attendees of Microsoft's recent
Disabilities Access Summit 95 are now available via anonymous ftp from
"". The file is /pub/ The "readme.txt" file from
this archive is shown below:

Microsoft Accessibility Summit 95 was held July 14-16, 1995 in Redmond,
Washington. The enclosed materials were given to attendees and are now
being distributed as general information by the National Council on
Disability with the permission of Microsoft. The following is an
alphabetical list of file names and short descriptions.

aACTT.TXT = The Applications Configuration Test Team
AGENDA.TXT = Agenda for Microsoft Accessibility Summit 95
ATTENDEE.TXT = List of attendees
CONFINFO.TXT = General summit information
EVAL.TXT = Summit evaluation form
LOGO.TXT = Description of the summit logo
LOWNE176.TXT = Accessibility work at Microsoft by Gregory Lowney
MOORE176.TXT = Windows 95 architecture by George Moore
OPPER176.TXT = Introduction to technical sessions by Charles Opperman
OPPER376.TXT = Introduction to AbleHelp by Charles Opperman
PAULBIO.TXT = Bio of Paul Maritz
POLICY.TXT = Microsoft's corporate policy on accessibility
PORTLAB.TXT = The Microsoft porting lab
RICHT176.TXT = Developer resources by Jeffrey Richter
ROZAK.TXT = Microsoft speech API by Mike Rozak
SERDY176.TXT= New common controls by Steve Serdy
SYKES176.TXT = Imaging in Windows 95 by Ken Sykes
TULLI.TXT = Introduction to Win32 programming by Sara Tulli
VACHO176.TXT = Windows NT architecture by Andre Vachon
WILLI176.TXT = OLE and the component object model by Sara Williams
WINAPP16.TXT = Designing accessible applications for Windows

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