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From: Randall S Horwitz (
Date: Fri Aug 25 1995 - 13:53:53 PDT

As far as the bio lab classes.
I took a full series of bio this year and 99 percent of the lab stuff was within doing.
For pictures and diagrams often the school had models of what we were looking at in class.
Be it a blown up cell in model form, human anotomy etc.
I also met with the lab teacher once a week to go over things that were done for more and extra descritpions.
This only took about an hour extra a week.
Also usually things are done in partner form and I made friends with ppl in the class.
I was able to get descritpions from and study with these folks.

As for math related questions I did all of my math in class on a braille display connected to my laptop.
I got through calc 1 2 and 3 this way.
I don't iknow if you have this available to you or not.
If you are not proficient with a slate don't try and take math notes this way or you will be buried.
While I think this may be the best way of doing things without
a brialler display speed is essential in math note taking.
A perkins will probably not endear you to your classmates,
so I might tape things if you aren't good with the slate,
take notes on it later and get that proficiency up.

I hope that this was helpful to you and good luck with school!
Most importantly work like hell and don't forget to have a great time


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