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     I saw this in the deaf-blind mailing list and thought it would be of interest.

        Robert Jaquiss

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From: Mike Paciello <paciello@SHANE.ENET.DEC.COM>
Subject: EIA/ADD Invitation to Participate in Focus Group at Closing the
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To: Multiple recipients of list DEAFBLND <>

                      Electronic Industries Association
                         Market Research Department
                            2500 Wilson Boulevard
                          Arlington, VA 22201-3834
                            Phone: (703) 907-7500
                             Fax: (703) 907-7767

The Assistive Devices Division (ADD) of the Electronic Industries Association
(EIA) plans to conduct a focus group during the Closing the Gap Conference on
Thursday, October 19 beginning 7:15 PM and ending at 8:45 PM. The major
objectives of this focus group are:

- - To explore unmet product needs by disability type

- - To learn about the decision making process for purchasing assistive
products and technologies

In order to have a productive session, the number of participants will be
limited to 20. A financial incentive of $50 will be paid to attendees at the
conclusion of the focus group. If you are interested in participating in this
session and have a disability or are a professional care giver or therapist,
please complete the following survey.

EIA will be selecting a representative sample from the returned surveys and
will contact those selected to participate in late September with further

Please complete the attached form and forward it by electronic mail to Wendy
Jones at:

Additionally, you may FAX the completed form to the attention of Wendy Jones
EIA Market Research Department, at: (703) 907-7767

Please respond no later than Friday, September 15 for consideration.


1. Are you attending the Closing the Gap Conference? (Yes or No)

2. Name:

3. Address:

4. Phone Number:

5. E-Mail address:

6. Employer:

7. Occupation:

8. Age (optional):

9. Sex: (male or female)

10. Do you have a disability? (Yes or No)

11. If yes, please specify: (vision, hearing, mobility, cognitive, or speech)

12. Would you require any special services to participate in focus group
session? (If yes, please specify)


Thank you for taking the time to complete this short survey. Please remember,
only persons with disabilities, care givers, or therapists may participate in
the focus group.

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