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Saw the following on Usenet's "misc.handicap" newsgroup. I plan to reply
but figured others on this list might also wish to do so either via
Usenet or via E-mail:

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Subject: query about lab classes
Date: 15 Sep 1995 23:14:51 GMT
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I am hoping that you can help me find guidance for a colleague who is
trying to arrange services for a student who will be taking
chemistry-type lab courses at the college or post-grad level.
Because of the dangers of accidents in the lab, they would like as
much information as possible about practical adaptations of
lab-course procedure for a student with a visual impairment. The
school is prepared to provide a trained lab partner or assistant, but
they need to know what training to give, as well as what other
adaptations might give the student more independent access to the
Carolyn Ostrander, clostran@mailbox.syr.edu
(315) 443-4357
Carolyn Ostrander, TSC:3
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